Throw an Outdoor Iced Tea Party

It’s teatime – iced tea time, that is! Little girls, especially, love this classic party theme, and we have a cool twist that’ll take the fun from inside to outdoors. Enjoy the sunshine and don’t worry about any potential spills on your carpet; this outside affair will make a magical impression on your little guests.

"Confessions of the World's Best Father"

Any first-time parent surely can identify with the urge to snap dozens upon dozens of photos throughout their child’s early years. “Oh, look he’s smiling,” turns into: “Oh, look he’s smiling holding a cracker/a cell-phone/the cat (Sorry, kitty, for his awkward grip — we have to get this shot!).”

Discover Your Family History

Believe it or not, there are few things more exciting than unearthing your family’s past. The hunt to discover your history is not only fun, it can also help strengthen family bonds and foster new ones. Going back hundreds of years can give you and your children a sense of pride and belonging. Plus, delving into your own past is a great way to spark your kid's interest in history!

Your Backyard Safety Guide

Mow Solo

Keeping your lawn neat and your grass cut is a great way to keep bugs from setting up camp where your kids play. Just be sure to keep children inside while you’re mowing — and never allow them to ride — or even pretend to ride — a sit-down mower. Kids can get seriously injured if they fall off (it’s more common than you think) or get hit by rocks or other projectiles if they’re out in the yard.

Your 6 Biggest Potty Dilemmas Solved

Bette Alkazian, parenting coach and author of Potty Learning: The Do's, Don'ts and the Oops of Poops, answers your top potty-training questions.

Parents Take a Stand Against Yoga in Schools


A new initiative to implement yoga classes in some California elementary schools has left a few parents less happy baby and more full-on warrior.

Hurricane Sandy: Games to Play in the Dark

If Superstorm Sandy is making her way through your town, hopefully you're well stocked with bottled water, canned foods, and candles. But, are you equipped with ways to keep bored or scared kids busy if the power goes out? While you still have electricity, read up on some fun games to play with your kids--no lights required!

Halloween Costumes Seized for Lead Contamination

Federal inspectors have seized nearly 1,400 Chinese-made pirate costumes being shipped to Seattle after high levels of lead were found in the buttons and the trim.


The costumes, worth about $10,000, had 11 times the legal limit for lead, said Mike Milne, a spokesman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Seattle. The pirate outfits were headed to a Seattle-area distributor and will eventually be destroyed, he said.

Parenting Advice from Olympic Parents

These parents raised Olympians—they must be doing something right! Moms and dads of current and former competitors like Michael Phelps, Nastia Liukin and more share their words of wisdom for supporting your kid from the sidelines.

Chicago Mom-to-Be Stops to Vote on Her Way to Give Birth


Galicia Malone, 21-year-old mom-to-be, surely knows how to rock the vote. According to Illinois' Cook County Clerk David Orr, Malone's contractions were just five minutes apart when she arrived to the polls at 8:30 this morning.

Parents 25 Best Healthy Snacks for 2011

When your kid is hungry, look no further than these nutritious, mom-approved snacks.


Our staffers' kids, their friends, and an entire preschool have been nibbling their way through the newest and most nutritious supermarket munchies.

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